Area 1 Envirothon


Rules and Regulations


1.     Students currently in grades 9 – 12 may participate in the Envirothon in Area competition.  Graduating seniors on winning teams may continue to participate in state and national competitions during the summer following Area competition.

2.Students who participate in the competition can receive help with capstone project on any topic from any teacher for free if they wish.


            3.     Each high school is eligible to send two teams to the Area 1 competition.  Teams will consist of a minimum of three members and a maximum of five members.  All members on a team must be from the same high school. (e.g. no all-star teams).  Each school may select up to five alternates.  Alternates CANNOT accompany the team to Area competition.  However, if a regular team member is unable to compete, an alternate may be substituted in his or her place at the Area Envirothon.  Advisors are to bring no more than 5 students the day of the competition.


            4.     A team advisor and/or Conservation District representative must accompany each school team to the competition.  During the competition, each school team will stay together, and each test will be completed by a joint effort of the team members.  The advisor or coach shall not have any contact with their team during the competition, under penalty of disqualification of the team.


          5.    An Area competition will consist of a minimum of two competing teams from that Area.  There are five Areas in the state of Ohio, and each Area may send up to four teams to the State competition.  Teams that go to State competition must have competed in an Area competition.


         6.Schools wishing to enter teams in Area I competition must announce intentions by March 28, 2014 by submitting an entry form and a nonrefundable $30.00 entry fee. Team members’ names should be on the entry form.  For each team member and their alternate, a copy of their emergency medical authorization form and release form MUST be submitted. Entry forms must be completed legibly.  You may bring copies of your school’s EMA form to the competition.  Failure to submit or bring both of these forms to the event will result in the team(s) not being allowed to compete.


         7.Transportation will be the responsibility of each participating school team.  Lunches will be furnished by the sponsoring organizations.    In the event that a team arrives late, they will be placed in a group at the discretion of the competition administrator.                                                                                                            

         8. A cooperating agency and/or independent environmental organization personnel will conduct the competition. 


         9. Competition will consist of five events: Soils, Wildlife, Forestry, Aquatic Ecology and Current Environmental Issues.  The sites will be arranged in an Eco-Station format.


        10. In the area competition, any and all materials needed will be provided for you at the site. Students are not to bring anything to the competition, including but not limited to: cell phones, PDAs, BlackBerrys, iPods, Biltmore sticks, field guides, clipboards, backpacks, tape measures, etc.  Should any such items be found, team disqualification will result.


        11. In Area competition, the winning team will be the team with the highest cumulative points for the five stations.  Tie breaker procedure will be determined and announced prior to the beginning of the competition.  Judges’ decisions are final on all events.  Contested decisions will be reviewed by the Steering Committee.


        12.Following the competition, awards will be presented as follows: School plaques to first, second, third and fourth place teams, pins or medallions for each team member of the first, second, third and fourth place teams, Envirothon t-shirt to each student participating in the Envirothon and a certificate to each team.


        13. Following the competition, cooperating agencies, advisors and participants involved in the competition will be requested to complete an evaluation of the Envirothon program.


        14.     In order to compete in the Ohio Envirothon, all team members must have been registered at the Area competition. No teams will be allowed to compete with fewer than five team members at the State level. Up to 5 alternate team members may substitute for regular team members in the Ohio Envirothon if alternates were registered at Area competition with that team and are properly registered with that team at the Ohio Envirothon. 


        15.     In the event that any of the top 4 teams cannot advance to the Ohio Envirothon, the team(s) with the next highest score(s) will be eligible to compete.  Teams unable to compete at the Ohio Envirothon must notify their Soil and Water Conservation District within 5 calendar days following the Area competition.  That SWCD must then notify the Area Chair within 24 hours of confirmation.  Area chairpersons are responsible for identifying the next eligible team and coordinating with their affiliated SWCD to ensure registration forms are submitted. The "Intent to Participate Form" and a check for $100.00* must be sent within 5 calendar days to the Area Chairperson.  *This is in addition to the $100.00 registration fee and must be paid by each team.  The fee will be refunded after the team competes at the Ohio Envirothon.


        16.     First, second, third and fourth place teams advance to State competition.  State competition will be held in June following the Area competition each year.  Registration forms for the State Envirothon must be submitted by the announced deadline.  An information packet with the State registration form will be provided to teams, at the completion of Area competition.


        17.  In State competition, the winning team will be the team with the highest cumulative total points for the five field events and the oral presentation.  Awards at the State competition will be presented as follows: School plaque will go to the winning team; team awards will be given to the first, second and third place teams, and the high scoring team in each Eco-station and the oral presentation; certificates will be given to all participants.


        18.  The winning team at the State level will represent Ohio in the North American Canon Envirothon, location will be announced annually. In the event that the winning team cannot represent Ohio in the North American Canon Envirothon, the second place team will go and so forth. 


        19.Entry fee, if required, for the State (to be held June 9-10, 2014 at Salt Fork State Park, Guernsey County) and North American Envirothon competitions (July 20-24,2014 at University of Georgia, Athens, GA), as well as transportation to these events, will be the responsibility of the teams attending.  However, financial assistance may be available through the local SWCD offices or from other sources.


         20.     Rules and regulations of the Envirothon are subject to change.  Any and all changes will be explained to all teams and advisors.


         21.     Any suggestions for improvements to the rules and regulations will be considered by the Area and State steering committees.  All changes in rules and procedures are based on the general consensus of the group. 


         22.     In preparation for the competition, study materials and resources may be obtained from the local SWCD office and other sources.  However, teams or coaches may not request information or assistance from individuals who will be administering the tests in each of the five subject areas in the upcoming competition.