Area 1 Envirothon

An Introduction


 Environmental interest has shown steady growth in the past years.  More and more people of all ages are taking the time to get educated and to get involved in activities to protect and promote our natural resources.

The Envirothon, designed to take youthful curiosity one step farther, is all about getting involved and getting educated.  It is our hope as resource professionals to push the minds of young people to realize the interrelationship of all living things, and to look toward the future of resource management.

The Area 1 Envirothon is one of five Area Envirothons to be held throughout the state.  From here, winners proceed to the State Envirothon where they are given the opportunity to advance to the Canon National Envirothon.

Test Questions and study material for the Envirothon are prepared and assembled by natural resource professionals from a variety of agencies, organizations, universities, and businesses.  These individuals also staff the various resource stations at each competition.


The Envirothon is a competitive, academic outdoor event for high school students. The program has a number of goals and objectives, including:
  • to promote greater awareness of natural resources and environmental issues
  • to heighten understanding of the interrelationships between plants, animals, humans and the environment they share
  • to increase student interest in further environmental and natural history study
  • to celebrate the spirit of competition and excellence
  • to encourage young people to become action oriented members of society
  • to interest students to explore natural resource environmental careers

By preparing for and participating in the Envirothon, students will develop interpersonal skills by working with other student team members in cooperative decision making and problem solving.

Students will also meet professionals from a variety of federal, state, and local natural resource conservation and management agencies and organizations and private industry. Students will benefit from exposure to various approaches to environmental questions. They will also have an opportunity to learn more about environmental career opportunities and responsibilities.